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Tuesday, July 21st
11:00 – 12 noon

DBJ – providing leadership for the way forward for the Jamaican Economy:
Anchoring Loans & Alternative Investments.
Boosting Innovation Growth & Entrepreneurship Ecosystems

Christopher Williams
Chairman, CARAIA
Audrey Richards
Project Coordinator, JVCAPITAL
Christopher Brown
General Manager, Strategic Services Division, DBJ
Edison Galbraith
General Manager, Loan Origination & Portfolio Management, DBJ  
Al Edwards

Tuesday, July 14th
11:00 – 12 noon

Jamaican Innovators & Tech Entrepreneurs: 
Shining light and providing leadership on a technology and innovation-driven future…

Kenia Mattis
CEO & Founder, Listen Mi
Dwight Scott
CEO & Co-Founder, Blackrock Technologies
Yekini Wallen-Bryan
CEO & Founder, Pree Labs
Dwayne Samuels
Founder, Samelogic
Stacy Hines
President, Jamaica Computer Society & Transformation Strategist, Corproate PlannerICD Group

Tuesday, July 7th
11:00 – 12 noon

Jamaica’s Insolvency Law…
For businesses facing severe impact as a result of Covid 19…will these laws provide them with the breathing space to be restructured and rescued...

Howard Mitchell
Attorney-at-Law & Immediate Past President, PSOJ
Hilary Reid
Partner, Myers Fletcher Gordon
Justice Ferdinand Smith
Supervisor, Office of the Supervisor of Insolvency
Barnaby Gowrie
Partner, Walkers Law, Cayman
Dennis Chung
CEO, Supreme Ventures Services Limited

Tuesday, June 30th
11:00 – 12 noon

Venture Capital:  why is it called smart, patient financing?
How relevant is it to foster innovation & why does it matter, even more, at this time…

Paul Ahlstrom
Venture Capitalist, Author Thought Leader, AltaVentures, USA
Douglas Lindo
Co-Founder, Bellindo Limited
Dmitri Dawkins
Founder. Graft Ventures
Larren Peart
CEO, BlueDot
Hernán Fernández Lamadrid
Founder and Co-Managing Partner, Angel Ventures
Lisandra Rickards
Founder, Soul Career

Tuesday, June 23rd
11:00 – 12 noon

Public & Private Sector led infrastructure development as drivers of economic recovery and growth.
The important role to be played by private capital funds and other alternative investments as financing tools in a risk-off environment. 

Denise Arana
General Manager, Public Private Partnership &                                       Privatization, Development Bank of Jamaica
Herbert Hall
Vice President, Investment Banking, NCB Capital Markets
David Delaire
Managing Director, MPC Renewable Energies
Steven Whittingham
Chief Operating Officer, GraceKennedy Financial Group

Tuesday, June 16th
11:00 – 12 noon

Private Credit: Tailored alternatives - Mezzanine, Subordinated Debt, Inventory Financing, Preferred Shares, Profit Sharing Notes, etc. etc.

Nicholas Scott
Chief Investment Officer, Musson Group & Managing Director, Eppley Limited & Chairman, Eppley Caribbean Property Fund
Berisford Grey
President & Co-Founder, Sygnus Group
Reynaldo Thompson
Kareem Tomlinson
General Manager, JMMB Securities Limited


Tuesday, June 9th
11:00 – 12 noon

Why you may need Equity Financing now & how to get it...

Christopher Williams
Chairman, Caribbean Alternative Investment                            Association (CARAIA) & Co-Founder & CEO, PROVEN
Sandra Glasgow
Co-Founder & Manager, FirstAngelsJA
Leo Williams
Fund Managing Director, SEAF Caribbean SME Growth Fund
Audrey Richards
Project Coordinator, JVCAPITAL (Jamaica Venture Capital Programme), Development Bank of Jamaica