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Event Brief

About DBJ
The DBJ’s Vision for Jamaica’s Private Equity-Venture Capital Industry is: By 2020, Jamaica is among the top three entrepreneurial and investment hubs in the Caribbean and Central America”.  The accompanying Mission to accomplish this ambitious but achievable outcome is: To ensure that all ecosystem players are equipped with the relevant knowledge and supportive systems to facilitate high potential entrepreneurship with access to finance through dynamic venture capital and private equity markets. 

Anchored by the DBJ-JVCAPITAL and bolstered by a group of local and international investors, the Caribbean Alternative Investment Association (CARAIA) was launched in November 2019.  A non-profit organization, the Association is aimed at promoting the expansion of private equity, venture capital, real estate, private credit, mezzanine financing and other alternative investment instruments.  CARAIA’s birth, at this time, is appropriate when taken against the background of the tremendous growth of Jamaica’s capital markets over the past 18 months.  Though domiciled in Jamaica, the association has reached out to all market stakeholders, in the wider Caribbean and Central American regions, with the recognition that many investors and businesses enjoy a regional focus.


About the Series of Webinars
As part of the JVCAPITAL communication and public education campaign, the webinars are geared towards creating an understanding  and appreciation of the Alternative Investments space – in particular, Private Credit/Mezzanine, Private Equity – and the attractiveness of these financing instruments in building an economy.  The webinars will be videotaped at the offices of the DBJ and will observe Government of Jamaica (GoJ) physical distancing protocols.  The event will be live streamed via the JVCAPITAL Social Media Pages (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube).  There are 7 episodes in the series and will run from mid-June to July.  Oher topics to be addressed/discussed include:

  • Equity Financing: why you may need it now & how to get it
  • Private Credit: tailored alternatives for your businesses…
  • Private Equity: its role as a funding tool for infrastructure projects
  • Venture Capital: why it is called ‘patient’ financing & why does it matter now more than ever…
  • Jamaica’s Insolvency Laws: Is there a lifeline, after the pandemic, for businesses to get a second chance at survival?
  • Innovators & Tech Entrepreneurs…shining a bright light on Jamaica’s future
  • Products & Services of the DBJ…financing innovation, growth in entrepreneurship ecosystems

Desired Outcome

  • Increased knowledge and understanding of Alternative Investment vehicles, in particular
  • Structuring transactions and accessing financing through Private Credit, Mezzanine Financing, Private Equity & Venture Capital Funds
  • Long term investors – seeing alternatives as viable portfolio investments
  • Increased use of these non-traditional vehicles in financing recovery and growth, post-Covid

What is to be covered

  • Definition of each instrument/sub-set of Alternative Investments
  • Which instrument is best for what project?
  • Who are the players (actual) in each?
  • Who (actual) does what and how?
  • In the current environment and post COVID-19 what is best advice can you give to Start-ups and SMEs & Businesses in general
  • The role of DBJ & JVCAPITAL in the expanding ecosystem
  • The role of CARAIA in building private capital markets in Jamaica and the Caribbean

How can the public participate?
Stay at the desk and watch the webinars live by logging on to the JVCAPITAL Social Media Pages (Twitter, Instagram & You Tube):

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