MECMorris Entrepreneurship Centre, Northern Caribbean University

The Morris Entrepreneurship Centre (MEC) is an outreach arm of NCU and targets micro, small, and medium sized business concerns to offer business training critical to increasing the likelihood of reaping success in business undertakings. Training is also offered to persons who are interested in operating a business. The clientele served by the MEC also includes current students of NCU. There are a variety of training initiatives and programmes that are offered by the MEC. The MEC trains its entrepreneurs in techniques in writing business plans and proposals, marketing methods, strategies in launching businesses, and strategies for growing businesses. Read more


TICTechnology Innovation Centre, University of Technology

Established in 2002, the Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) is a specialised unit of the Joan Duncan School of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership (JDSEEL), of the College of Business and Management (COBAM), all of which are a part of the University of Technology, Jamaica. The TIC supports the growth and development of early stage, technology driven, and technology enabled companies in the residential programme, as well companies from other industries in the associate and virtual programmes. The TIC holds the distinction of being the English-Speaking Caribbean’s first business Incubator and is seen as a unique institution with a vision of making a positive difference in the business community. It was developed out of the former Entrepreneurial centre, which was established at UTech in 1987. As a business incubator, it is designed to assist businesses to become established and profitable during their start up or early development phase. The main benefit is its ability to substantially reduce the start-up costs of enterprises and reduce the risk of small business failure. Read more

 MECCMona Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Centre (MECC)

Mona Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Centre (MECC) was formed out of the former Business Support Services (MBSS) and is a self-financed business incubator (under-capitalized start-up) incorporated on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies (UWI) in mid-2013. A full-service entity which provides space, support and business advisory services. MECC's core mandate has been the development of local and student entrepreneurship, more recently the mandate for commercialization has been added. MECC’s new path is informed by revised Mission, Vision & Values which are consistent with the wider UWI’s position. There is an Advisory Board which provides valuable guidance and support. Read more