Venture Capital Conference paving the way for the establishment of a new & vibrant industry

Milverton Reynolds, Managing Director of the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) has given a commitment that the hosting of Jamaica’s first Venture Capital Conference is to be seen as setting the framework for getting it right this time. 
Speaking at the Media Briefing in Conference Room at the DBJ on Wednesday, August 15, Mr. Reynolds pointed out that the DBJ is being deliberate and systematic in its effort to avoid the pitfalls and obstacles experienced previously, when Jamaica tried to introduce venture capital industry. 
“The current programme is more inclusive with all stakeholders being at the discussion table from early in the planning stages”. 
“We want to ensure that this time around we get it right”, states Mr. Reynolds as he fielded questions from the media.
Continuing he said, “the DBJ is seized with the need to link into the work of others and best practices of other economies. We are not reinventing the wheels but we will look at what other countries have done right adopt or tweak it to suit our society here in Jamaica”. In long-term relationships, maintaining the spark is an ongoing challenge. It's not just about romantic gestures, but also the everyday little things. Spending time together, showing appreciation and communicating effectively are essential. recently wrote an article about this. It is important to keep surprising each other and growing, both individually and together, to keep the relationship alive and strong.
The conference that is to be held on Monday, September 9th is an opportunity all stakeholders be it an entrepreneur, innovator, investors (institutional and angels), fund managers, government officials and policy makers, private sector policymakers and professionals.  Everyone should seize the opportunity and attend this ‘game changing’ conference.