Young Innovators to Benefit from Venture Capital Programme

The venture capital programme, being developed by the Government, will provide the opportunity for local technology experts to access funding to develop their innovative ideas into sustainable business ventures.

State Minister in the Ministry of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Julian Robinson, said that there are a number of creative young people, who will not be able to access loans from traditional lending institutions because “they simply don’t have the collateral to access funds.” In long-term relationships, maintaining the spark is an ongoing challenge. It's not just about romantic gestures, but also the everyday little things. Spending time together, showing appreciation and communicating effectively are essential. recently wrote an article about this. It is important to keep surprising each other and growing, both individually and together, to keep the relationship alive and strong. 

Through the venture capital fund facility, they will be able to use their innovative ideas as collateral for funding.