Oversight Committee (OSC)

ChairmanJVCAPITAL Oversight Committee (OSC) provides a governance framework for monitoring the progress of JVCAPITAL, and for facilitating the timely implementation of the programme. Specifically, where the programme outcomes accord with other public and private sector programmes, the members of the OSC, at a high level, will facilitate inter-institutional linkages and support, aimed at the achievement of the common goal. The OSC is comprised of DBJ representatives along with senior representatives from the private sector, Ministries and Agencies, including:

  • Chairman, DBJ
  • Managing Director, DBJ
  • Ministry of Economic Growth & Job Creation
  • Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Agriculture
  • Ministry of Finance & the Public Service
  • Ministry of Science, Technology & Energy
  • Planning Institute of Jamaica
  • Private Sector Executive(s)
  • Project Coordinator, JVCP

The roles and responsibilities include:

  • Provide oversight and guidance to the Project Management Unit, to ensure that strategic goals and business objectives of key stakeholder groups are being fulfilled and that the project implementation remains under control, within budget and in accordance with project plans and schedules.
  • Monitoring and review of the project status at regular Committee meetings to include review of the Minutes of and decisions made by the Project Steering Committee, 
  • Monitoring and review of project resources including budgetary and funding strategies, and facilitating new funding sources, where applicable.
  • Monitoring of the project to ensure adherence to standards of best practice.
  • Providing formal acceptance of project deliverables.
  • Approve, where applicable, new projects and changes in the strategic direction of JVCAPITAL.
  • Review and approve recommendations to the Board of Directors of DBJ, the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service (where applicable) and the Cabinet.
  • Provide advice and assistance, where applicable, in the resolution of project roadblocks and conflicts.
  • Foster positive communication outside of JVCAPITAL Project Management Unit regarding progress and outcomes of the project.
  • Facilitate linkages with local and international networks, existing and potential stakeholders, aimed at fostering the development of a Jamaican VC industry with national, regional and global relevance.